Personal Fears is a jewelry brand that produces rings, chains and pendants out of the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel and sterling silver.

Founded in Southern California, and relocated to New York City, Personal Fears crafts Real Jewelry for Real People.

Stainless steel is built to last. No rust, no tarnishing, no green sh** left over on your neck and fingers. It's not gonna break, and it will never look fake. We are unapologetically producing steel pieces because honestly, they're just better.

We've made it our mission to work with some of the world's best upcoming creatives to provide a product and experience like nothing you've seen before. Are these lofty goals? Damn straight! We're in it 'cuz we love it. We hope you enjoy it too!

<3 Tosh + Carmen

Tosh Rice and Carmen Gomez Scott - Personal Fears

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Our address is: 85 Ludlow St, South Store, New York NY 10002