Unholy Cross Chain Necklace - Ltd. Edition


 Unholy Cross pendant inspired by early 3D animation, with oddly smooth edges and skulls anywhere they'll fit... This chain pops like hell. 

• Cast in virtually indestructible stainless steel, weighted at 62g (w/ 22" chain).

• Each piece comes in a limited edition water-safe padded safety case, marked with PF hologram logo; which I am required by law to tell you not to put weed, acid, pills, mushrooms, mini bottles, stolen money, pipes, knives, or other illegal things in even though they would fit perfectly and it would be a great place to hide them. 

• Solid stainless steel 8mm cuban chain, choose between 18" & 22" lengths.

• 3mm weighted PF tag bevel cast in stainless steel.

• Easy open, secure close, lobster clasp.

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