Personal Fears is a jewelry and accessories brand that produces rings, chains, bracelets and pendants out of the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel. Founded in Southern California, and relocated to Brooklyn NY, we have made it our mission to provide access to high quality alternative jewelry that will never rust, tarnish, or turn your skin green. All pieces are designed and fulfilled in-house at our Bushwick loft space.

Our Founder Tosh Rice, is a life-long skateboarder and self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things "dope on the internet". His inspirations range from Swedish hip-hop to punk rock, NYC & SoCal skate cultures, flea market findings and even vintage Spike & Mike cartoons. He founded Personal Fears after working for some of the biggest names in alternative fashion, finding himself increasingly frustrated with the jewelry offerings of large retailers. Specifically their overtly masculine brand messaging, shoddy gold plating, and obviously fake diamonds. He thought there might just be a group of young people craving authenticity. Turns out he was right.

Through its relentless DIY aesthetic Personal Fears has built a cult following of influencers, celebs, and skateboarders alike. Some notable PF-Enjoyers include: Olivia O & Avsha W (musicians), Miley Cyrus (musician /celeb), Akobi (professional skateboarder / model), Kane Caples (model / skateboarder), Tatiana Ringsby (model / influencer), Inna Nord (model / influencer), Avani (influencer / celeb), Patrick Nerey (skateboarder / influencer), Vinny Hacker (influencer), Prince Royce (musician / celeb), Lil Aaron (rapper). 

Personal Fears stands firmly in support of equality movements and actively works to provide opportunities to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. We believe that unique voices can, and will, strengthen our community. Inclusiveness has been in our ethos since day 1. With no outside investment to steer us away from our vision (and remaining completely independent to this day) we seek to spread a message of love and respect to all peoples. We continue to donate time and resources to multiple local and national charities.

Personal Fears has grown notable followings on instagram and tiktok through an ultra-current and meme-centric approach, coupled with the organic support of countless influencers. We balance high end product and model imagery with a grimy "webcore" sensibility. We were born on the internet, and are actively exploring the minting of digital jewelry for web 3.0.

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