Personal Fears was founded in 2019 by Tosh Rice, a life-long Skateboarder / Creative / Retired Adolescent Sh*tbag. After spending close to a decade lending his creative elbow grease to other brands, He used his last unemployment check to order ready-made stainless steel jewelry samples from Alibaba. His intuition said there was a need for affordable, high quality jewelry that, as he puts it, “won’t turn your sh*t green”. These humble beginnings have only proved to keep the fire lit for our Creative Director, who in subsequent years, has taught himself jewelry design from the ground up. All while creating all of our media, branding and designs.

PF now offers 100% original designs that are rigorously tested (and certified) for durability, safety and quality. Our Pieces will NEVER rust, tarnish or cause skin discoloration or rashes.

Personal Fears is Jewelry for The New Wave. We unapologetically design accessible products for Gen-Z; who we believe are The World’s best shot at a new beginning. 

PF is socially conscious, donating thousands each year to charities supporting LGBTQ+ & POC communities. We come from the streets, and we’ll never forget it. 

Personal Fears gives us an opportunity to give back.

Our stockists range from boutique skate shops to ZUMIEZ, one of America’s largest retailers.

We love what we do, and we’re happy to welcome you into the PF Crew!

Carmen Gomez Scott
New York. Jane of All Trades. Kind Hearted. Lover of Pastry.
Creative Director
Skateboarder. Jewelry Designer. Grump.
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Carmen Gomez Scott
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